Rhino Records is a niche brand unique to the music business. It began as record shop in Westwood, California, walking distance from my apartment while I was growing up, and I still remember the aura of "cool" that permeated the store, so I was especially excited to work on this project with Sapient in the summer of 2009.

Rhino's site was antiquated and had not yet embraced the digital music space. They wanted to give their customers the type of digital experience that leading music companies offer, while still staying true to their core values of premium quality, authenticity, quirkiness and the like. In their words, Rhino strives to be your trusted authority on quintessential collector’s items.

I put together a concept map using their values, personnas and most crucially the original emotional connection that their store made with their customers.

We designed and launched the site in less than four months, which was quite an achievement considering the giant back-end work that needed to be done.

It is still live at www.rhino.com